766% Return on Investment – all in a days’ work.

Well, 12 hours actually.

Whilst delivering some bespoke Excel training to the EPMO Team at Teesdale House, we looked at some of their processes, particularly around consolidating the data in both the TRS and ESR systems. It was at this point that my “Database light bulb” was lit.

The team had to manually compare two extracts from these systems and flag up any anomalies – a tedious and time-consuming task. Why not have a database do all this analysis (and more) for you in a fraction of the time?

The NECS Applications Team don’t train Microsoft Access as a rule, mainly because there is such a massive amount of theory as well as the “point and click bit” and bombarding someone with about 4 days of solid training and then expecting them to go away and build a database from scratch simply isn’t feasible.

Instead, we work with the department or team in question, establish their needs and build a system for them before they test it and then get trained on how to use their new database.

The EPMO database now analyses the 2 datasets in depth and at speed for the team and can produce a wide range of reports at the click of a button.

The team estimate that this saves them 2 days per month – 24 days a year!

A 766% return on investment.

A happier, more efficient workplace.