Why a lawnmower analogy is my favourite yarn


You’ve spent a small fortune on it – your new lawnmower.

Let’s call it the NECS-3000x – a top of the range job.

All the features. All the tools. All the extras.

To make sure that you get the best out of your new purchase, you eventually find, and book onto, and pay for a course at your local college. Let’s call it “All you need to know about the NECS-3000x”.


You arrive at the course and each delegate has their own NECS-3000x provided by the college and you spend the next 2 days learning everything about the machine.

What every single knob, button and setting does. How to dismantle and re-assemble the thing. How to service it. What might go wrong. How to fix it if it does go wrong.


You now have “all you need to know” about your NECS-3000x – except 1 simple thing – how to cut grass.

On the front of our website we state “We are no ordinary training team” and this is why.

Our course would be called “Achieve the perfect lawn using the NECS-3000x” – a subtle difference in focus, but a massive difference too.

Our courses and services focus on the end results that you need to achieve first and foremost. The tool you are using is almost secondary.

Next month we are delivering some bespoke training for practice staff within Darlington CCG, but it isn’t just Excel training – it’s reporting on practice populations/data analysis using Excel. Real life examples, real life (anonymised) data, real learning.

Similarly, the services we offer in small-scale database building, demographic analysis and mapping, custom surveys are all aimed to fulfil a specific purpose in the intelligent commissioning model.

Get in touch and we can talk (tea, milk and one sugar for me).