Elearning videos created for NECS provider management

Please consider the feedback we received recently:

eLearning videos development

I have had three eLearning videos developed by the team (ClaimIT, VBC Checker and IFR) which have proved invaluable to the respective teams.

Before we had the videos, training for ClaimIT was delivered in person (mostly by me as regional lead for the system). Where possible, we delivered group training however a number of rural practices in CCGs requested individual training sessions which caused significant time pressures on the team. The development of the video has allowed us to reduce the number of individual sessions we deliver for ClaimIT training whilst providing on-going support to practices (we have received feedback that the less ‘tech-savvy’ practices managers (their words, not mine!) have appreciated being able to watch the video as many times as they need to in order to understand the process).
Amy O’Brien
NECSU Senior Commissioning Support Officer

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