Microsoft training for North Tyneside CCG


Throughout Summer/Autumn 2019, North Tyneside CCG requested a training drive for Microsoft skills. Classes were arranged for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. SystmOne and Emis courses were also provided.

The Word and Excel courses were provided from beginners to advanced levels. Some users completed all three levels and greatly appreciated the support they received to complete the course.

Word users were sold on formatting documents using Styles; some said they’ll never go back! Excel students went beyond basic functions to create dashboards, pivot tables and pivot charts.

Many CCG staff are familiar with Outlook, hence the 2 hour condensed course focused on Hints and Tips. Even highly experienced users found better ways of working. Some examples include;

  • Using Tasks more and the Calendar less
  • Carefully using Rules and folders to tame your inbox
  • Organising shared calendars by creating calendar groups

Although online training is convenient and accessible, it seems that classroom based training is a much appreciated and valued service.