Introduction to Formulae & Functions (FULL COURSE)

This video is for those requiring an understanding of formulae construction within Excel. The usage of the functions SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT and TODAY are also demonstrated.

The topics discussed are:

  • How to construct a basic formula
  • Using Autofill
  • Understanding BODMAS
  • Absolute cell references
  • Creating a formula with a function
  • Mathematics with dates
PLEASE NOTE: For the best possible viewing experience, we recommend ‘High Definition’ mode. This can be achieved by starting the video, clicking on Settings (the ‘cog’ symbol found in the bottom right hand corner of the video) and then changing the Quality to ‘1080p HD’. If not available then select the highest value.

Subtitles can be switched on by starting the video and then clicking on Subtitles/closed captions (c) (found in the bottom right hand corner of the video).