Microsoft Forms: Cervical Screening Admin Service

Word 365 forms controls

Martin Weavers [Assistant Operations Manager, Cervical Screening Administration Service for NECS] contacted the Applications Training Team for assistance on using Microsoft Forms to capture information from GP’s.

Word 365 Forms Controls

He explained that some GP’s like to have the form printed out so they can fill it out manually. In which case a simple Word table would suffice.

However, some like to complete the form digitally and return by email. Martin and his team wanted to use Word to achieve this and knew that Word Form controls would be the way to go. They just needed some advice and assistance.

Using screen share on Microsoft Teams, one of our trainers was able to assist Martin. Delighted with the results, here are his words;

I’ve completed a number of online training courses in Excel, Word etc. and found them beneficial, however when I had a particular issue with creating a word document, I contacted the Applications Training team directly for some advice.

I was helped by a member of the team and their knowledge base was exceptional. I was also impressed with their patience as they “walked me through” the steps needed to sort the problem.

The courses and particular service received have exceeded my expectations and would I readily recommend both the courses and the service. Thanks again!

Martin Weavers [Assistant Operations Manager, Cervical Screening Administration Service for NECS]

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  1. Update: Following the success of the first Word form, 5 more have been developed and are being tested before releasing to GP surgeries. Martin loved the use of Radio Buttons (or option Buttons) where the user can only select one option from a list.