What’s New in Outlook (FULL COURSE)

This video contains a number of useful features new to Outlook 365.

The topics:

  • Message Templates – Enter frequently used sentences or paragraphs quickly and easily
  • Focused Inbox – Change how your messages get organised
  • Read Aloud – Have Outlook read messages to you
  • @mention in emails – A handy feature to consider in conjunction with the traditional use of the To: field
  • Quick reply via Teams chat
  • Share an email to Teams from Outlook
  • Schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook
  • Meet Now – Create an instant meeting from Calendar view
  • Attach File/Insert a Link – It may seem there’s nothing new here, but the display of recent files is!
  • Dictate – A speech to text tool
  • Tell me what you want to do? – Why search the ribbon when you can rapidly skip to an action?
  • Poll – Insert a poll into an email to glean results using Microsoft Forms
PLEASE NOTE: For the best possible viewing experience, we recommend ‘High Definition’ mode. This can be achieved by starting the video, clicking on Settings (the ‘cog’ symbol found in the bottom right hand corner of the video) and then changing the Quality to ‘1080p HD’. If not available then select the highest value.