Available eLearning modules

7 Lessons

Becoming an Educational Supervisor

This course is aimed at those GDPs who are interested in applying to become Educational Supervisors for Dental Foundation Training or Dental Therapy Foundation Training.

6 Lessons

Oral Health for General Practice

This course is aimed at General Practitioners and other GP staff to give an overview of the importance of good oral healthcare and its implications on general health.

1 Lesson

Suicide Awareness

The aim of this module is to raise awareness of suicide, it is an introductory module for Primary Care.

1 Lesson


ClaimIT is an online system developed to streamline the claims process for GPs submitting their activity figures.

1 Lesson

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

This eLearning module aims to promote the benefits and clear up any misconceptions around electronic repeat dispensing (eRD).

1 Lesson

Deciding Right

The aim of this module is to equip all participants with an awareness of Deciding Right: The North East Regional Initiative for making decisions in advance for children, younger people and adults.

1 Lesson

SIRMS for GP Practices

GP Practice staff can learn how to report incidents, issues or concerns as they happen in the SIRMS Risk Management tool.

2 Lessons

Inhaler Technique

Explores the different types of inhaler device, how the aerosol is made in each type, the breathing technique required by the patient for each type of device and the potential implications of poor technique.

1 Lesson

Antimicrobial Prescribing

This Antimicrobial Prescribing courses explores issues affecting the management of infection in primary care.