Date(s) - Monday, 04/11/2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Appleton House

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** Please note this is a 4 day programme and must book on to all 4 days**

Day 1 – 11th September 2019 (half day)

Day 2 –  1st October 2019 (full day)

Day3 – 4th November (full day)

Day4 – 19th November 2019 (half day)

Developing Your Leadership

A leadership programme for NECS’ managers (Bands 6 to 8a)


The programme will provide the opportunity to develop self-awareness; leadership and management skills to provide on-going effectiveness in what can be exciting yet challenging roles within NECS.


The programme is open to individuals who may be new to leadership roles or who would value the opportunity to reflect on and improve their skills and effectiveness.  Peer-group interaction, discussion and personal goal planning will be utilised throughout to support individual’s development and behaviour change.

Day 1 – Understanding Yourself; Day 1 is a half-day session to increase self-awareness and build an understanding of your personality preference type by using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool as a foundation. The MBTI instrument is one of the most widely used and trusted personality exercises and can reveal an insight in to how we see and interact with the world, our motivation and the motivation of others.

Day 2– Leading; the focus of Day 2 is on some of the intricacies of working with people and building and maintaining positive relationships. The workshop will consider: style, power, emotional intelligence, leading change and managing ourselves under pressure. Preparation for Day 2 will start with a briefing on the Healthcare Leadership model which individuals will undertake a self-assessment on.

Day 3 – Developing Leadership skills; the focus of Day 3 is on role clarification, getting the power balance right, assertion, personal effectiveness and improving communication skills. The aim of this second workshop is to consolidate the various assessments that have been carried out and to identify behavioural strategies for enhancing leadership confidence and competence through using practical tools and models. This workshop will involve skills practice as well as discussion and reflection.

Day 4 – Coaching Skills; the final part of the programme is aimed at increasing your skills and developing the ability to apply a coaching approach to interactions. The session will provide; an introduction to coaching; an opportunity to learn about the essential skills required; an introduction to a useful model of coaching as well as the chance to practice with colleagues in a safe space. The approach further supports the wider integration of coaching skills as part of the NECS’ culture of continuous improvement.


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