Outlook – Hints and Tips

Date/Time: Thursday, 15th July 2021 - 10:00 am - 10:45 am

Location: Online

Available Spaces: 20

Contact Details: Paul Atwell: paul.atwell1@nhs.net


Session contents:

  • Working offline – making you ‘Do not disturb’
  • Editing Notification settings – how you are informed of incoming mail
  • Blocking Junk Mail – controlling what is received
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar – making common operations easily accessible
  • Permanently deleting mail – bypassing the Deleted Items folder
  • Checking your NHSMail Quota Size
  • Archiving mail without using affecting your Quota Size
  • Removing unrequired attachments
  • Viewing your mail in Conversation View – view all related emails together in one thread
  • Creating Search folders – seeing your search results in a single view
  • Sharing your calendar
  • Using Calendar Overlay mode – stacking your calendars on top of one another
  • Creating a Calendar Group – using a meaningful name, view a collection of calendars together

This session is 30 minutes in duration with an additional 15 minutes for a Q & A session which you are not obligated to remain for.

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