Restricted to NECS100 Graduates and Interns: Leadership for All – Cohort 3 Session 1

Date/Time: Monday, 6th March 2023 - 13:30 - 16:30
Location: Durham – Venue TBC — —
Available Spaces: 5
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This session will be held Face to Face in  one of our Durham office bases.  Please also book onto Cohort 3 Sessions 2, 3 and 4

Session 1: the art of leading self
This session will start with the explanation that any great leader has to begin their leadership journey with a high level of self awareness. This enables you to understand what drives you, what affects you, how you respond to that and hopefully how to use this insight to act with ‘intent’ and bring the best out of others as well as you.

This session will encourage participants to understand themselves at a much deeper level and what affects them and their ability to do great work.

It will give participants opportunity to consider their values and how this impacts on their decisions, behaviours and emotions. It will also explore other self reflective tools which deepen awareness of self and how to use this information to effectively develop self reliance and motivation. These include a ‘powerprint’ questionnaire to identify our own power bases and how to use these to ensure we feel power ‘full’ rather than power ‘less’.

It will end with one of the four pillars of self leadership – purposefulness – and get participants to start to identify clear goals and objectives for themselves as a leader and develop an action plan which will be added to as we go through the remainder of the programme.

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