The following courses are a list of what can be provided remotely by the Data Quality team. These courses are designed to be delivered via Microsoft Teams to end users who have access to a PC/Laptop with a microphone and speakers.

Furthermore, the courses can be customised / devised according to requests.

All courses, apart from Medical terminology,  are available in both SystmOne and EMIS Web.

Medical Terminology

The course will give delegates a greater knowledge and understanding of medical words and their definitions. Delegates will gain an understanding of the structure of medical words and be able to recognise and understand medical words and abbreviations quickly and easily. This course is a building block towards Clinical Coding and Practical Summarising training.

Course length: 4 – 4.5 hours

Clinical Records Management

Delegates will develop a thorough understanding of how to structure and add entries to patients’ records to ensure they are complete and accurate for those that need to use them (including patients themselves). The course will cover aspects of how to ensure records are complete, accurate, relevant, accessible, timely and summarised appropriately for those that need to use them (including patients themselves). Please note that whilst this course is aimed at all members of staff, it’s predominately aimed at those new to the clinical systems and who haven’t had much experience of using clinical records.

Course length: 3 – 3.5 hours

Introduction to QOF

The course will provide a basic understanding of QOF and its importance to the practice income/workload. Those who attend will gain a greater awareness of all the QOF tools used within the clinical system to understand practice progress and work to do. The course will cover data entry tools such as templates which can support the recording of QOF activity, and the basics of QOF prevalence. This course is aimed at Primary Care team members who require a basic understanding of QOF.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of clinical system.

Course length: 2.5 hours

Clinical Coding

This course will show delegates what clinical codes are and the benefits of using clinical coding. Delegates will learn basic code recognition, the structure of the SNOMED coding system and hierarchy & descendants (parent & child) codes. Also what codes to avoid using, some good search techniques and how and where to add codes in the clinical system.

Course length: 5 – 5.5 hours

Reporting - Intermediate

This course is for users who already create/run clinical reports and wish to increase their knowledge with more complex reporting.

Course length: 3 hours