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Office 365 and Teams training through Digital Learning Solutions

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The Task View and Pinning in Windows 10

Useful tips on how to use the Task View, and pinning files and folders.

Microsoft OneDrive – an overview

This is an introduction to OneDrive. Please note, OneDrive is normally used to store personal documents.

The Windows Search Key!

The Windows search key is an extremely useful and is probably underused and underrated functionality in Window 10.

Using the task view and pinning content in Windows 10

Find out how to use task view to find and manage previous tasks and how to easily recall previously worked on content by pinning it!


An introduction to Windows 10

The following videos will introduce you to some of the features of Windows 10, which is now installed on all new desktop and laptop computers supplied by NECS, to help you get the most out of your Windows 10 computer.