Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program designed to provide assistance in completing calculations and manipulating data using both basic and complex functions to be displayed as required in tabular on graphical format. Excel gives users the ability to bring their data to life using the in-built tools. From tables of information, charts, pivot tables. Excel will allow you to show the data the way you want it to.

Microsoft Excel Level 1

If you are completely new to the system or just looking for a refresher on the basics of Excel, this is for you.


This course covers key features such as creating spreadsheets, adding and removing worksheets, formatting cells, pasting techniques and working with charts.  It will look at some of the basic functions such as SUM and AVERAGE and how to use the tools within Excel to easily copy functions and formulae to other cells in a list.  It will also look at some of the best recommended ways of sorting data and how to filter and print worksheets.

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Microsoft Excel Level 2

If you want to know some of the more advanced functions and features of the system, this is for you.


You will be introduced to the quick access toolbar, absolute referencing, named ranges, the IF function along with using Dates and calculating time passed between dates.  Times and formatting of times will be shown and some more advanced features such as removing duplicates, formatting as a table and the more advanced side of conditional formatting.  Sparklines, charts and data validation (e.g. in cell dropdown boxes) will also be covered in this course.

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Microsoft Excel Level 3

This course is for those “I wonder if Excel can…” questions about logical, summarising or mathematical functions.


It will look at creation of Macros, applying advanced conditional formatting, data validation criteria, sharing, protecting and merging workbooks. You will be shown how to use the more advanced side of formulae – including tracing precedents and dependants and importing/exporting data.

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Power of the Pivot Table

The title says it all; this specialised course focuses on how to get the best from pivot tables and pivot charts in Excel. The course starts with an introduction to pivot tables and what they can be used for, how to manipulate and present your data in different ways and finishes with creating your own dashboard.

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Download the Excel 2010 specialist user guide here
Download the Excel 2010 expert user guide here
Download the Excel 2010 quick reference guide here


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As well as offering the standard courses advertised, we are also able to offer bespoke MS Excel training.

If you have workbooks which are regularly used and you feel that some bespoke Excel training would suit, we will take a look at your current processes and any relevant workbooks previously used and put together a package to suit or improve the creation and maintenance of these items.

Please contact us if you’d like to talk about a bespoke course.