Minute Taking

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is required to take minutes, whether as dedicated minute-taker or as a participant who has to take on the role.


  • The difference between the three styles of agenda and which is appropriate for your meetings.
  • Ways of preparing for a meeting to save time and stress.
  • Techniques for coping with common problems at the meeting (eg not understanding, minuting argument, concentrating, recognising actions)
  • How to take fast and accurate notes without shorthand or speedwriting.
  • How to recognise the relevant points and note them accurately.
  • Tips for presenting the minutes for a professional impression.
  • Answers to common questions on the wording of minutes (eg tense, person, use of names).
  • Techniques for structuring your notes into a logical summary.
  • How to encourage participants to read your minutes and remember their actions.
  • The difference between action, summary and verbatim and the uses of each style.


Minutes Made Easy is now accredited by the CPD Standards Office and you will now receive a certificate of completion

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