Jubilee Medical Group

Jubilee Medical Group approached us for help in managing their patient questionnaire, collating the results and then presenting them in a report format.

Previously the practice would make a paper version available, and email some with a Word/Excel version of the document that patients could complete and return. They had a low return electronically and had to collate all results (electronic & paper) manually into an Excel spreadsheet. Once all responses had been collated, they had to manipulate the data to get it into the required format and build graphs for those they wish to show graphically to the patients in the results report.

It is estimated by the practice that this approach would take approximately 20 – 25 hours, taking into account all of the manual aspects involved.

The practice sent us the patient questionnaire they use in Word format and we built the questionnaire. The practice then emailed patients with a link to the form, as well as putting it on the practice website. They also made paper copies available in reception and would key any paper replies. The practice let us know when to close the form, and we exported the results in tabular and graphical format. We did some filtering of the results so they had an overall view of the group and then a tailored view for each branch and we exported the comments for each branch for review.

Hours saved