The Challenge

NECS BIS Programme Services were required to oversee and manage the update of 149 locally hosted clinical systems which were incompatible with some of the evolving technologies and national solutions, across the North East region, all within a 12 month period.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the whole team to say a BIG thank you for what I think was a smooth transition. All of the support, help and patience we have received has been priceless!! The Trainers have both been excellent and it was quite sad to have to say goodbye.

Helen Williams

Coatham Surgery

The Solution

Each general practice involved in the programme were provided with a clinical system of their choice in compliance with national requirements

We provided:

  • Programme and project management; planning and mobilisation for the delivery of multiple projects running in parallel – deploying the relevant specialist resources to facilitate smooth delivery
  • Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) qualified project support office providing project quality assurance in alignment with national and programme governance requirements
  • Partnership with specialist third parties to supply the clinical systems
  • Data quality subject matter experts delivering data checking support to ensure electronic health records were validated
  • Design, organisation and delivery of individual tailored training sessions and floor walking support to ensure processes were embedded; enabling realisation of benefits thus delivery of strategic objectives
  • Identification, appraisal, planning, realisation and review of benefits using an internationally recognised approach; providing evidence that the initiative delivered the strategic objectives


  1. Over 1 Million patient records were migrated, maintaining QOF registers, ensuring patients continue to receive quality care
  2. Practices now have resilient clinical systems, supporting each individual general practice requirements, in alignment with the national agenda enhancing patient care and clinical efficienciesNew patients receive an initial health care assessment upon arrival improving patient experience
  3. Estimated annual GP IT cost reductions of over £848,000; gleaned through support and maintenance savings
  4. Over 3,400 general practice staff trained on use of resilient hosted clinical systems with increased functionality, building the foundations for the national health online programme

For further information please contact Jacquie Fawcett: Head of Programme Development and Delivery Service

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