Let us help you gather feedback efficiently

How do you manage your surveys?

The most common answer to this is that they’re built in either Word or Excel and emailed and posted out to whomever needs to complete them. The forms are then returned and copied and pasted into a master spreadsheet…

That’s great – you get there in the end but how much time did it take?


We can change that for you…

We can build you an online form which you can share through email or your website. Those who need to compete your form simply click the link, complete your questions and hit submit. Job done, but that’s not the good bit.

How would you like all of your response automatically collated into a spreadsheet from which you can sort / filter and extract data from with a couple of mouse clicks? Even better, we can configure your form so that all responses are automatically dash boarded so you can quickly produce an accurate report of responses to date.

What about paper copies we hear you say? No problem, we can provide you with a PDF copy of the form that you can print and hand out. When they’re returned – you simply open up your online form and complete it as anyone else would.

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