Course Content 

What's New in Outlook 365

Course outline:

  • Read Aloud – Have Outlook read messages to you
  • @mention in emails – A handy addition to consider in addition to the traditional use of the To: field
  • Quickly reply in a Teams message from Outlook
  • Schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook
  • Attach File Insert a Link – It may seem there’s nothing new here, but the display of recent files is!
  • Dictate – A speech to text tool
  • Message Templates – Enter frequently used sentences or paragraphs quickly and easily
  • Tell me what you want to do? – Why search the ribbon when you can rapidly skip to an action?
  • Poll – Insert a poll into an email to glean results using Microsoft Forms
Outlook Archiving

Exchange online archiving is a solution that allows you to store and manage older emails outside of your primary mailbox, freeing up quota space and improving outlook performance.

Course outline:

  • keep an eye on your Quota Space
  • tame your inbox
  • and guide you through the archiving process.