Training Videos

Word 365 What's New

What’s New in Word (FULL COURSE)

A demonstration of some of the new features available in Word 365.

Word Styles (FULL COURSE)

A course showing why the use of styles is essential to get the best out of Word. Without using styles, many features in Word are simply not available.

Full course. Word editing basic documents

Editing Basic Documents (FULL COURSE)

This course is designed to help new Word users to be more productive. It will cover many of the key Word features found on the Ribbon (Word toolbar).

Word Hints and Tips (FULL COURSE)

A live demo of useful Word hints and tips. 21 minutes long.

Office 365 and Teams training through Digital Learning Solutions

NECS is pleased to provide you with free access to Digital Learning Solutions.

Short video to show how to create labels using mail merge in Word

Mail Merge – Creating Labels

How to create a page of labels with names and addresses. This demo uses Mail Merge to merge addresses from an Excel Worksheet into Word.

A short video showing how to use mail merge in word to create letters

Mail Merge – Creating Letters

A short video showing how to use mail merge in word to create letters

Smart Art Graphics

Convert your text into diagrams using this great feature of Microsoft Word which can also be found in PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook

Creating a Table of Contents

This is a lot of work to set up, and you have to remember to update the table every time you or someone else makes…

Using the Navigation Pane

As a word document starts to get quite long, you can soon find yourself scrolling up and down trying to find important headings and paragraphs.…