Course Content 

Word What's New

A demonstration of some of the new features available in Word 365 including:

  • ABC Acronyms – Have Word search your document and present you with definitions of acronyms
  • Dictate and Read Aloud– Text to speech tool and listen to an audio reading of your document
  • Rewrite – Select a phrase and see suggestions on how it could be improved
  • Smart lookup – A mini search engine for research
  • Editor (F7) – More than a spell checker e.g. clarity and conciseness
  • Convert a Photo or PDF doc into editable text
  • Clipboard options – See a history of clipped objects in a handy pane
  • Researcher – Search online for articles and journals etc. and incorporate them into your document and bibliography
Word Hints and Tips

A live demo of useful Word hints and tips such as;

  1. Use Word styles
  2. Create a PDF
  3. Insert Charts
  4. Edit the Quick Action Toolbar
  5. Create SmartArt Graphics
  6. Insert Icons, Cut Out People and other Stock Images
  7. Use Dialogue Box launchers
  8. Work with multiple documents with Windows Snap
  9. Reuse paragraphs in any document using Quick Parts
  10. Insert Screen Shots and Screen Clippings
Word SmartArt Graphics

Liven up dull, text based documents with colourful info-graphics that help get your point across. Or create professional looking posters and notices.

SmartArt graphics help you create designer-quality illustrations with only a few clicks of the mouse. The SmartArt tools found in Word can also be found in other apps such as Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

Listen and watch as two charts are created from scratch and then have a go yourself. Time is also allotted for any questions.

This course covers:

  • What is SmartArt and how can it be used?
  • Create a Pyramid, Organisation Chart, Process chart and more…
  • Use Promote and Demote tools to expand your graphic further
  • Change graphic types at any time whilst keeping your data
  • Edit the colour, layout and style of your graphic using the Design and Format contextual tabs
  • Copy and paste charts into virtually any application or document.
Word Editing Basic Documents

This course is designed to help new Word users to be more productive. It will cover many of the key Word features found on the Ribbon (Word toolbar).

Learn how to:

  • create and edit documents
  • save in various file formats including PDF
  • select print options
  • see the difference between formatting tools, the Format Painter and Word Styles
  • insert Headers and Footers
  • insert images, icons, SmartArt graphics and other design features
Word - All Things Mail Merge

As the course title suggests, this covers all typical Mail Merge tasks such as;

  • Create a Mail Merge by typing in the information
  • Create a Mail Merge using an existing document and a data source such as a spreadsheet
  • Add, delete or modify the records in the data
  • Filter the data, merging specific records only
  • Use merge rules to customise individual letters
  • See how to merge to a new document, emails or labels
Word Styles

A live demo showing why the use of styles is essential to get the best out of Word. Without using styles, many features in Word are simply not available.

This course will cover;

  • A review of Word formatting options including the Format painter
  • Applying Styles such as Title, Headings and more
  • Change the look of a document using the Design tab
  • Navigate, search and edit content using the Navigation Pane
  • Insert a Table of Contents and update it
  • Create a new file from a Word template and work with the included styles