SystmOne Appointment Invitations

Are you aware of the new functionality within SystmOne for sending Appointment Invitation links via SMS or email?

Screenshot of SystmOne toolbar with the send appointment url icon highlighted and tooltip displayed

This excellent update was created for Covid Vaccine clinics but can now be used for any type of appointment you’d like patients to be able to book remotely. Its great for Flu clinics, and many practices are already utilising this to send links to patients for them to quickly and easily book a slot. But it could be used for any type of clinic where patients need to be invited to book, like chronic disease reviews, medication reviews, or childhood immunisations.

To set this up you’ll need to do a bit of configuration in your unit so to help the NECS Clinical System Training team have created a guide to talk you through the elements needed, including: Rota setup, toolbar configuration and sending the invites individually or in bulk.

Download our guide

Click here to go to the documents page of our SystmOne training group. Here you can search for invitation and download our guide!

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