Locum Information

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All locums should attempt to register with the National Administration Service (NAS) who will “host” the locum’s email account and can make a 365 Apps for Enterprise available by request

To register, please see –  https://support.nhs.net/knowledge-base/registering-gp-locums/

More guidance for locums is also available from – https://support.nhs.net/article-categories/gp-locums/

Email address for the locum support dept for NAS – locumadmin@nhs.net

Generic surgery logins for locums or any other staff are strictly prohibited. Staff are also not prohibited to have 2 NHSmail accounts, NHSmail reserve the right to remove duplicate email accounts, more information available from https://support.nhs.net/knowledge-base/nhsmail-frequently-asked-questions-faqs-gp-locums/