Introduction to Continuous Improvement Training (pilot feedback)

Thank you for providing feedback on your experience of the ‘Introduction to Continuous Improvement’ training.

Your feedback is extremely valuable and we will use it to continuously improve our offer and ensure service excellence.

The survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete.

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
    The overall quality of the training was excellent
    The training materials were high quality
    The delivery of this session was excellent
    The venue and environmental arrangements were excellent
    I felt I could participate and be heard when I wanted to
    The training was relevant to my job
    The training was good use of my time
    I feel I will be able to apply this learning in my role
    Participating in this training has increased my belief that I can make improvements in my workplace
    I believe I will be supported by senior leadership to get involved with improvement work
  • Not at allVery littleMore or lessWellVery well
    Explained the purpose of the workshop
    Presented concepts in clear and easy-to-understand way
    Maintained my interest throughout the duration of the training
    Encouraged attendee participation
    Thoroughly answered questions from participants
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