OneNote – An Introduction

Date/Time: Wednesday, 15th September 2021 - 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Location: Online

Available Spaces: 12

Contact Details: Anthony Langan:

This course covers the key things you can do in OneNote. It focuses on using the OneNote 365 Desktop Version. However, it also looks at how to use OneNote in a Microsoft Teams Channel, the OneNote Windows 10 App and the OneNote App. All confusion about the above versions is removed as we see how to access them all and how they are different from one other.

The course also covers how to;

  • Create a NoteBook in a Teams Channel for all to access
  • Create Sections, Pages and Sub Pages
  • Format text, edit containers and flag up information with Tags
  • Insert PDFs in a print out view and annotate them
  • Insert Meeting Details from your Outlook Calendar and add notes
  • Search the web to insert information on people, places or topics using the Researcher
  • Share your NoteBook with others
  • Get your colleagues to Co-Author your NoteBook and see their edits flagged up, colour coded with their names by their edits

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