Questionnaire Development

Date/Time: Tuesday, 17th January 2023 - 09:00 - 11:00

Location: This is an online event.

Available Spaces: 1

Contact Details: Research Evidence:


This session is aimed at staff who may need to develop questionnaires as part of their role, and need a working knowledge of how to design, share and interpret evidence from a questionnaire. It is also suitable for those who may want to develop a research idea involving use of a questionnaire. It is a useful follow-up to the Research and Evidence Team’s ‘Designing and Carrying Out an Evaluation’ training session.

The session will give people the opportunity to discuss their experience of delivering and/or completing questionnaires and ask questions.

The session will cover:

  • When to use a questionnaire – and when not to
  • Overall survey design and participant information
  • How to make your questionnaire accessible
  • Question design, including how to select and word different types of question
  • Sampling – how to identify and reach your target population
  • Online survey design – mandatory questions, routing, and use of different collectors
  • Introduction to response rates and types of survey analysis

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