Add a OneNote Notebook in Teams

Microsoft Teams Meetings

OneNote is a place where people can store text, images, files, annotated documents and more. Information is stored within NoteBooks grouped by Sections and Pages.

Many people like the way a large amount of information can be stored in just one, easy to access place.

Here’s the steps or watch the short video below if you prefer;

  1. Open Teams (It can be a Group Chat, a Channel or a Meeting, they all work the same)
  2. Click the + sign tab at the top right of the screen where Apps can be added
  3. Select OneNote
  4. Select a OneNote NoteBook or select Create a New Notebook and give it a name
  5. Select Open

The Notebook will be displayed at the top of the screen in its own tab. Everyone who can access your Teams Meeting/Chat/Channel will be able to access this NoteBook.

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