Your updated learning website

Welcome to the updated NECS learning website. You’ll notice a few visual and functional changes have been made to the site, we’ll quickly cover what’s new here.


We’ve introduced the use of groups for key applications we support, you can find these here: and can also get to them from the website navigation menu.

The use of groups initially is to group all related content together, so you’ll see any training guides and videos and any upcoming courses for an application in one place. There is also an activity feed (think Facebook) where we will put any announcements, such as releasing new training content or a new course, on which you’re able to like and comment.

There’s the option to subscribe to a group and register for email updates.

We’ll be looking to add functionality to the groups in the future depending on how popular they become, including the possibility of adding a discussion forum.


The way you manage your profile on the site has changed. You now access your profile and account from the top right of the screen, click on your name and a list of options will appear to choose from.

  • On your profile you’re able to update your details, see what groups you’re a member of, see what courses you’re enrolled on, and see a timeline of activity feeds you’ve participated in. When we switch any new functionality on you might see new tabs here.
  • Your account settings allow you to change your email address and password and update your email notification preferences.
  • If you join and participate in any groups, your timeline will show a view of everything you’ve participated in.
  • Groups takes you the groups tab on your profile, listing all groups you’re a member of in one place.
  • Courses will take you to a list of all online courses that you’ve enrolled on, from which you can access the courses, or view any certificates of completed courses.


We will be adding new training content regularly, if you have any suggestions of what might be helpful, or if you’ve got an idea to create online content (whether it be videos or an online course) why not get in touch!

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