The NECS Applications Training Team is delighted to share some of the feedback received from recent trainees.

Barbara Potter
Head of Quality and Adult Safeguarding – HAST & ST CCG and Alison Ferguson Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children and Looked After Children – ST CCG enjoyed receiving some Microsoft OneNote training recently. Notice why they enjoyed their training;

The OneNote training we received was really useful and easy to follow.

We can now rearrange our NoteBook sections using section groups – this is a much tidier and logical way to store information. OneNote will enable us to share learning with colleagues within the Safeguarding Team and generally work in a more ‘lean’ way.

Example of Section Groups used for Storing Information in OneNote

We will definitely approach the NECS Applications Training Team in the future for help with more training projects. We’ve used them in the past for Microsoft Excel and Outlook Training sessions.

To find out more about what Microsoft OneNote is all about, click here